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About Me

I was raised in a small town near Rochester, MN and have lived in Minnesota ever since.


I have always had an entrepreneurial heart and have found great enjoyment in being able to serve others.  My love of business grew over the years from lemonade stands to mowing lawns to landscaping and finally to lighting. 


The lighting industry was enticing to me when I discovered how drastically lighting could change an atmosphere and create ambiance unlike any other décor.   


I am happily married and share my success with my family.  We truly enjoy owning and operating a small, family business.

Bryce Graf
Owner / Operator

Turning a Vision into Reality

The design aspect of lighting displays is one of my favorite parts of the job and I am continually seeking further knowledge and skills through extensive design training.

We are a local, family owned business based out of Dundas, Minnesota.  We strive to provide professional lighting services with a small town, customer focused mindset.  Our goal is to add a touch of brilliance to the lives of our clients through our lighting services for holidays, weddings, and special events.

Lighting service that is personalized to each client.
Professional Lighting Installation Servicing the Twin Cities Metro Area in MN

Providing Top Notch Service

We are an all-inclusive service company that specializes in lighting.  We have a passion for serving others with our custom lighting displays and it is what we do year-round. 


Christmas and holiday lighting was our starting point and remains the central part of our business, but we are excited to continue to expand our services into wedding and event lighting. 


We pride ourselves on offering a complete service that satisfies all your lighting needs year-round.   We strive to provide exceptional customer service focused on a unique personalized experience for each individual client. 


We are able to achieve this through precise installation techniques, use of premium products, reliable service and maintenance, year-round storage of equipment, and most of all an appreciation for each and every client who we get the opportunity to serve.

Brightening houses, neighborhoods, commercial properties, and your life.
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